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Why a floor plan is so important when selling your home.

Posted on Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Why a floor plan is so important when selling your home.

You may already know about the importance of presenting your home ready for a sale and the importance of kerb appeal and neutral colours.

But, did you know that a floor plan could be the secret weapon in your armoury?

That’s right, the ‘humble’ floor plan! So, here, we’ll show you why a floor plan should be an essential part of your to-do list when you’re selling your house in Thanet. 

What is a floor plan?

A floor plan is a 2D or 3D scale drawing that outlines the rooms in a house. It’s a visual way of showing how all the rooms connect and what available space there is on each floor of a property.

Architects use them when designing buildings, and these plans, sometimes known as blueprints, offer a way to calculate floor space.

What is a floor plan not?

A floor plan is not an absolute foolproof guide to a house and it’s measurements. Why? Because while rooms should be measured in the same way and from the same points, this is not always the case. They are a good guide but should always be checked so you shouldn’t rely on the measurements as exact if you are using a floor plan to help you measure up for furniture.

It’s important to also note that a floor plan is a plan of the floor – and will not necessarily include quirks such as sloping ceilings, for example. Again, they are a good guide but as a buyer remember to look up and around when you are in the property itself.

Do you have to have a floor plan when selling your house?

No, of course you don’t have to have one, but it’s a big plus if you do have one and we recommend it. Floor plans are pretty high up on a potential buyer’s list of things to look at, and almost as important as the photography.

Potential viewers usually look at the images of a property first, then if that piques their interest, the floorplan, followed by the actual description!

In fact, potential buyers will often move past listings that don’t have a floor plan. We want you to get noticed, so we definitely recommend having one – and we offer floor plans as standard.

Can anyone draw a floor plan?

We advise that you allow us to create your floor plan. We have the knowledge and experience to achieve accurate measurements giving potential buyers confidence.

Floor plans can help you get the right viewers

When you’re selling your house, you want genuinely interested viewers coming around and having a floor plan can help deflect the less serious from making an appointment to view.

If someone views your property online, they see the floor plan and they still want to view in person, the chances are that they could really be interested.

Interested viewers like to imagine their own furniture

People need to imagine themselves living in the house you are selling. This means that you must help them build up a picture. A floor plan allows them to do this, as they can look at the dimensions and think about how their sofas, chairs, tables and wardrobes will fit.

Room for thought after the viewing

When someone has been to view your property, they’ll be thinking about lots of things at once. They’ll have had a short tour with much to take in so there will be plenty to consider. A floor plan can act as a reminder of how the house flows so that the viewer is better placed to make an offer.

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